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submittttinnnn time.

let em rip.

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i’m gonna be in florida until wednesday.

feel free to submit your confessions, i’ll make/post them all when i get back!

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hi new followers.

thanks for being cool, now submit some confessions and it will be funnnnnnnn.

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trailer park boys drinking game.

(add to it if you do so choose)

  • drink when randy says “but mr. lahey!”
  • drink when ricky says “come one, cigarettes, let’s go.”
  • drink when something gets blamed on trevor and corey
  • drink when bubbles talks about kitties
  • drink when ricky talks about community college
  • drink when someone mentions hash
  • drink when someone on the show is drinking (if you’re watching scenes with julian, you’re gonna be drunk really quick)
  • drink when someone gets arrested
  • drink when bottle kids throw bottles
  • basically there are no moments when you wouldn’t be drinking during this show according to these rules.
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